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Yesterday was my birthday; I turned 40-something. I wasn’t ashamed to admit my age to those around me since I very easily look 10 years younger. Whenever I tell my age, all respond, “Noooo! Really?” in total disbelief, which of course puts a grin on my face as it would anyone hearing those words.

In celebration of my special day, I took myself shopping to some of my favorite clothing stores. I easily slipped into my standard XS or size 0. While changing in the dressing room, I smiled to myself and felt very blessed as my body still looks only 25 with its firmness and sleekness.

At 5’4″, I weigh 100-105 pounds. I am very tone and still very solid with just the right amount of muscle definition; not to the point I look like a body builder, but to the point one can tell I go to the gym regularly. No belly fat. No saddle bags. No double chin.

My facial skin shows no wrinkles, only a hairline which no one else notices but me. My Italian olive skin keeps a year round slight tan while my dark chocolate brown hair falls past my sculpted shoulders. And to top off my younger-than-my-age look, I dress the latest fashions and keep my hair cut to current trends.

So how do I do it? Besides dressing the part, how do I stay so young and fit looking? What are some of my secrets that have defied the aging process? What is my regimen like to achieve such lasting results?

Well, there’s a lot that goes into it how I have evolved to where I am today. All has been a way of life for me from the very beginning, with my parents’ own healthy ways, and have continued to develop throughout my life. I fell in love with sports and fitness at a very young age, so working out is like playing to me. I have never smoked, rarely drink alcohol and always pay attention to health in the news. I also maintain a balanced lifestyle of work, family and fun with as little stress as possible.

My Schedule. I am Type A and have an enormously high energy and endurance levels as anyone close to me can vouch. I am ambitious, driven and determined; the Energizer Bunny without any given caffeine. Here’s a quick rundown of what I do weekly to stay fit. I run six days, lift three to four, abs six to seven days, yoga one to three times a week, Pilates three times, cycling once, swimming one to three times, and finally boot camp and lift-it classes once a week each. Yes, that’s all in one week. Yes, I do have a full-time job and thensome. Maintaining my workout regimen is a priority for me. I love doing it and I love the payoffs.


Running. This is my number one, must do workout activity. If I just have 30 minutes to workout, this is how I will spend it. Depending on my availability and if I’m on a treadmill versus outside, I run 4-5 miles a day, six days a week. If I am training for an event like I am now, then one of the days I will reserve for a long run and run a higher mileage based on my planned out schedule. I prefer to run outside as I enjoy the fresh air and scenery and like the end results I see on my body better. I do believe running outdoors versus on a treadmill are two different types of running (like swimming in a pool versus the ocean) and exert certain leg muscles differently.


Abs. I love working my abs and do so almost daily. I start out with a warm up, 100 crunches on a fitness ball followed by 25 sit-sups with a six pound medicine ball, twisting my torso side-to-side when I’m in the almost upright position. Next, 300 straight on crunches with my legs at three varying angles to catch the three areas of my abs. Then 200 crunches on the ground with my lower torso turned 90 degrees left, then another 200 twisted right. This is followed by 300 sit-ups with bent knees and hands behind my head. In between each 100, I do 25 reps of hand reaches. I wrap up with three sets of toe-to-toe beats while still on my back, then I flip over for planks. Remember, good form is very key and pulling your belly button to your spine at all times is a must or else you will build out.


Check back next week when I continue to share how I stay fit and young looking. I’ll discuss what I do for weight training, fitness classes, swimming, cycling, diet, skincare and sleep.

Be Fit. Be Strong. Be Well.