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In Part 1 of “My Secrets to Aging Young,” I discussed some of my own secrets of how I stay fit and look young-looking and shared my cardio and ab routines. Slowing down the aging process can definitely be achieved with a commitment to fitness and wellness. Documented studies have shown that people who are in good fitness shape are able to delay the signs of natural aging, including the decrease in physical resistance and muscular mass, flexibility and slower metabolism. In Part 2, I am going to continue sharing some of my secrets to anti-aging; what I do for weight training, fitness classes, swimming, and cycling.

Weight Training. I typically start my weight training with the circuit, which provides a total body strength and aerobic workout. There are an assortment of pieces I often utilize, based on what is available at the facility I am using, and usually a minimum of seven machines. I usually start with lat mid rows, working my back, followed by vertical press machine to improve my chest muscles. I also use the hip adductor and abductor machines for my inner and outer thighs and will other circuit machines to work my triceps, biceps, abs, gluts and legs. I then move on to a free weight workout with dumbbells for my upper body. My weights range from 25-10 pounds, depending on the exercises, and include presses, flys, extensions and kickbacks.

Fitness Classes. I have taken an assortment of fitness classes over the years, and now currently partake in four classes regularly and, when my schedule permits, two additional. On Saturdays and Sundays, I’m in the gym three hours each day. Saturdays I run my long run, complete a circuit training rotation, lift free weights, perform abs, then wrap up with an one hour Lift It Class that works all my major muscle groups using a variety of equipment chosen by the instructor. Sundays, I run five miles, perform abs then take a one hour Yoga Strength Class for strength training followed by one hour Boot Camp Class of intense lifting techniques. I additionally try to make two other Yoga Strength Classes during the week. When my calendar allows, I attend Pilates Classes for core strengthening and take Zumb Classes, a fast-paced dance workout that firms and tones. On the days I can’t make the Pilates classes at the gym, I get the exercises in at home by following a DVD.


Swimming . On average, I only manage to get in two to three swim workouts in a week. I typically swim at the crack of dawn or late in the evening. With goggles, cap and one ear plug in my left ear, I swim a minimum of 30 laps (60 lengths) nonstop. I mainly swim freestyle, but sometimes will add the breast, side and back strokes to work other muscles. I frequently use swim paddles to strengthen my stoke mechanics , a kickboard to work my legs and a pull buoy to push my upper body. If it weren’t’ for the fact that my legs build out when I use training fins, I would definitely use them regularly as I love the speed I gain through the water.Whentraining for an upcoming triathlon, I will perform a lot of sprint work in the water to simulate what I will be doing in the first leg of a sprint tri.

Cycling. While I could easily ride every day, I have restricted this workout to once a week. Like the step aerobics classes I use to take and swimming with fins, this workout also increases my leg size.  I typically ride hard just for 30 minutes, either inside on a stationary or outside on one of my three bikes.

By now you are probably think that I never sleep and live for the gym. Well, I must admit I do love to work out as it seems like playing to me, and I love the endorphins that kick in when I have a long, thorough workout. In my final installment of “My Secrets to Aging Young,” I will lastly divulge what I do for my daily diet, skincare and sleep, other important areas to anti-aging that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Be Fit. Be Strong. Be Well.