About the Blogger

Adriana Falco is a long-time fitness blogger based in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA who brings over 30 years of experience and knowledge to her writing on fitness, health, nutrition, and longevity tips. Growing up in a household with parents who prioritized healthy living, Adriana developed a passion for health and wellness at a very young age. She has dedicated her life to studying and practicing healthy living, and shares her practical and actionable advice on her blog to help friends, family, and others live healthier and happier lives.

Adriana’s athletic background is extensive, having participated in a variety of sports since childhood, including swimming, gymnastics, softball, track, tennis, field hockey, riding horses, and five basketball leagues. In college, she played center on the women’s lacrosse team, while also regularly working out in the weight room, running, and swimming. She has since competed in fitness competitions, bike races, 5ks to marathons, triathlons, ultra-marathons, and pickleball tournaments, in addition to participating in athletic activities such as cycling, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, waterskiing, downhill skiing, tennis, golf, and horseback riding. She continues to strengthen her athleticism through regular running, swimming, and weight room workouts.

Adriana holds a bachelor’s degree from Villanova University, a Master of Science degree from Drexel University, and postgraduate certificates from Penn State University, Seton Hall University, and Cornell University. She is a senior marketing executive with a successful career in global marketing.

As a result of her lifelong commitment to fitness and healthy living, Adriana has discovered some of the golden secrets to staying fit and youthful-looking, which she shares in her “Fit Past 40” blog. Sign up for her emails and follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to receive her insights, tips, and suggestions on living a healthy and active lifestyle.

7 thoughts on “About the Blogger”

  1. Congratulation!! This looks great….you’re my new
    hero….and I agree…”you look marvelous”. What a surprise running
    into you today.

  2. Great blog, Adriana. Looking forward to the upcoming weeks

  3. thank you, i have 40 more ponds to lose, and you can help me get there
    thank you

  4. March 3rd Twitter on Banana Coffee smoothie was right on……a great drink. Thanks

  5. geno wasilewski said:

    Happy Birthday…you “walk the walk” !

  6. On the road to being healthy and fit! Thank you for the inspiration! Michele

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