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Staying fit and healthy is a lifelong commitment. It entails being faithful to your workout regimen, maintaining a healthy diet, and living the other cardinal rules of living fit and well, including getting enough nightly sleep, taking care of your skin, flossing and other healthy practices.

Many people, who when they leave the comforts of their own home for business travel or, better yet, a personal getaway, oftentimes also take a vacation from their workouts and healthy diets. They are on away from home, so their thinking may be, “it’s also time to take a break.”

Being fit and healthy knows no breaks other than your normal days off from your working and a sweet treat on occasion. Getting on a plane, train, or automobile to take you to a different destination other than your home is not a reason or excuse NOT to keep your commitments to yourself. If anything, it’s an opportunity to change up your workout and diet which should be exciting and enticing!

When traveling, I always try to stay at a hotel that has a gym. Most hotels and resorts have fitness rooms to continue your workouts. They may not be like your gym back home, but it’s enough to get you by. If your hotel does not have one, there are often nearby gyms that may even offer discounts to hotel guests. Check with your hotel when checking in.

After registering, one of the first things I do after dropping my bags in the rooms is to check the gym and ask about the hours. If I am traveling for business, then often I have to get creative when I’m going to get my workouts in. If it’s for pleasure, I typically go early in the mornings just as I do when at home.

If you don’t have access to a gym while traveling, then pack along a few pieces of portable equipment, such as a jump rope, resistance bands, and even exercise DVDs if you have a laptop. Exercise wise, you should also be able to perform several in your hotel room, including lunges and squats to keep your quads, glutes, and hamstrings in shape; pushups, sit-ups, leg raises, and side planks for  your arms and ab; and dips using a chair for your tris.

Traveling can sometimes play havoc with your healthy eating. From the airport and airplane food to hotel and restaurant meals, it’s easy to be VERY tempted and fall off course. So be prepared to remain discipline and don’t lose what you’ve worked so hard to achieve! Keep making your healthy eating choices. Look at this as a great opportunity to continue with your diet by trying different healthy recipes from eateries. Also, pack some of your favorite healthy snacks. I always do this, in addition to my vitamins. Mixed nuts, raisins, and granola/power bars are easy to take along. I also often bring grapes that I nibble on during the first day and a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

Often a getaway is an opportunity for new or different physical activities. Put it in this light and it can be another incentive for your getaway. It can be as simple as walking around a great city, rock climbing at a national park, trying surf lessons for the first time, or cycling around to see the new sights. So get out there and remain  fit, active, and healthy. Eat well by making wise meal decisions and enjoy your days away. And remember to pack your sneaks!

Be Fit. Be Strong. Be Well.