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Lately, I have been receiving a lot of requests for new blog postings. Yes, I am guilty of being MIA. My life took some unexpected bumps and turns – as life can be. I needed to revamp my current comfortable day-to-days to a new unfamiliar and out-of-sync schedule to meet the change and challenge.

Shifting and rearranging one’s days and weeks can sometimes take weeks and months to settle into a new routine and to feel comfortable once again. The change can impact everything, even your eating habits and your workouts. I know it has for me, including even finding time to write my blog.

Whereas before it was easy for me to get my daily workouts in, the twist in my weekly schedule at first made it a challenge for me to hit the gym. My crazy new hours left me little time and energy for “me,” but I refused to give in to the infamous cliché, “I just don’t have the time.” Life is about priorities, and getting to the gym and staying fit is one of mine and hopefully one of yours.

So when a bump in the road hits, it’s simply time to reroute your workout another way verses taking the easier route of throwing in the towel. Change is always good in a workout anyway (“The Change Up,” October 5, 2011), so embrace your new allotted time, location, or whatever the change may be and turn a lemon of a situation into lemonade by remaining fit as a fiddle.

How to Adjust Your Workouts

Okay, there’s been a change of your life. Good or bad, staying healthy and fit needs to continue to be a priority in your life regardless of your new situation. Working out will help you to continue to feel good about your body and the released endorphins will give you that natural high of well-being. Two added pluses to any type of situation.

React, reconfigure, rearrange and redo to retain. This is what needs to occur when adjusting your workout when life changes. For me, my weekends remained the same during my change, but long gone (at least for now) are my two-hour early morning workouts, unless I want to be up at 5am every day. So to modify my fitness schedule, I had to start to plan ahead – which is key – as to when I would be able to get to the gym during the week and when I would also get in my outdoor runs, indoor swims and other fitness endeavors.

Make the most of your time. Some days require that I do a split workout; some of it in the morning and the balance in the evening. Even if you have only 15 minutes in the morning, walk up and down the steps for the 15 or do an abs workout. Combine it with another 15 minutes in the evening and now you have a 30 minute workout.

Be effective and efficient. Don’t even have time to get the gym or would rather same the drive time for working out at home? Invest in some home equipment or in fitness DVDs (“My Top 10 Favorite Fitness DVDs,”December 11, 2011). I love my treadmill. It’s always readily available when I have limited time. There are also so many effective DVD workouts that can bring you the same results as being in the gym.

Have zero time right now? Then you might also have to get creative. Park your car further away from the front doors of your destination. Take the steps instead of the elevator. Spend your lunch hour going for a walk. Going to the game? Get tickets high up in the bleachers. Have a stationary bike at home? Ride it while catching the news or your favorite show. You get the idea.

The bottom line is that there may be many changes during one’s life and you need to learn to go with the flow and just adjust and adapt to a new workout schedule. Yes, there may be times it’s tricky to get it in. But believe in yourself and get it in. Your health and well being is essential, so never lose sight of the importance of staying fit – no matter what.

Be Fit. Be Strong. Be Well.