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For most of the country, the winter this year was a very mild one, especially when compared to the past couple years. With little snow on the ground and the temperatures mild for most of the season, many were able to continue cycling and running outdoors while skiers, borders, and ice skaters had to search for places with enough snow and ice to make their sports happen.

With the winter months now behind us and spring in the process of blooming, it’s also time to take a look at our bodies to see if it’s ready to hit the beach in its fineness. Despite the lack of snow, many still had the internal instinct to eat more during the winter months. The shorten days of less daylight also decreased the energy for many, causing some to shorten or skip their workouts all together.

First up, get on the scale! What is your weight compared to the end of last summer? Have you gained a few extra pounds from the holiday treats or were you able to maintain your weight? Next, try on some of your summer outfits. How do they fit? If all is good, they don your favorite swimsuit. Any bulges? How is your middle looking? Arms? Shoulders? Butt? Any jiggle or wiggle? Is there room for improving, perhaps in your overall body tone and muscle definition?

Now, set your goals. Do you want to lose, gain or maintain? Have a favorite outfit you want to fit into again? Perhaps you want your abs defined a little more or your arms more muscular. Whatever it is, get a journal and write down where you are today and where you want to be in three months. Try to make your goals realistic and achievable.

Next, build your plan of action. Make it a winning combination of dieting and workouts. Be sure to include both weight lifting and cardio to help drop the pounds and tone up. Watch the starchy carbs and unnecessary foods with empty calories.

Need some suggestions? The next series of blogs string together a 12-week plan that, if followed properly, should put your body in better form through the combination of dieting and working out. Twelve weeks is a nice span of time to set your short term goals with enough planned time to notice a positive change. Also, check with your physician before starting if you have any injuries or illnesses.

So stay tune!  You may additionally want keep a workout journal to track your progress and keep you on goal.

Be Fit. Be Strong. Be Well.