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week97When it comes time to book some R&R, the choices are endless. In addition to the typical island and European holidays, there are bicycle tours, family vacations, ski trips, honeymoons, sailing adventures, girls’/guys’ weekends, kayaking excursions, dream destinations, golf outings, spa retreats, tennis resorts, safari expeditions, hiking treks, maiden voyages, ski trips, boot camps … and getaways just for weight loss.

A weight loss vacation might not sound alluring or all that exciting, but for those who are serious but dropping the pounds and need a little assistance to jump start their journey, today’s programs have advanced to have a pampering feel. Now in breathtaking destinations, these luxurious getaways include beautiful four- and five-start accommodations, delicious low-calorie meals from world-class chefs, expert advice from the best, engaging group activities, scenic outdoor excursions, rejuvenating spa treatments, new friendships, unforgettable memories, and more in addition to losing those unwanted pounds – the whole point of this getaway in case one almost forgot.

One popular weight loss escape is the Biggest Loser Resort – yes, as in the TV reality show, and yes, it truly does exit – but minus the cameras, lights, and Hollywood hoopla. But you do get to live out the fantasy! You do still get an attentive crew to help with your transformation and will receive the utmost attention and support from certified trainers, registered dietitians, holistic nutritionists, life coaches, and licensed professional counselors. Participants as young 14 are welcome.

For those who are overweight and are better off losing the weight for multiple reasons, the supportive environment at the Biggest Loser Resort is ideal. The award-winning program (see special note below) is designed to help their guests not only to succeed and become lighter on the scale but improve their aerobic endurance, tone their muscles, increase their flexibility, detoxify, and most of all gain the much needed confidence – a CAN DO attitude – that they CAN lose the weight and they CAN keep it off … for good. They learn which exercises work best for them, the correct forms, how to prepare healthy meals, and more empowering instructions.

Guests receive an outlined itinerary daily that includes seven hours of exercise, educational lectures, and three meals and dessert for 1200 calories. Days start early at 6:00 a.m. and are jam-packed throughout and into the early evening with the various workouts such as stretching classes, toning sessions, circuit training, core work, strength training, yoga, aerobics, water aerobics, Pilates, Zumba®, kickboxing, scenic hikes, indoor cycling, and more plus. The educational classes discuss weight loss strategies, meal planning, emotional eating, cooking demos, and more plus how to continue with the Biggest Loser program once they return home. Nighttime is free downtime where guests can indulge in spa treatments, time with newly discovered friends, or kicking back poolside with a good book.

Also worth mentioning is the spa cuisine, which is a welcome dining experience in itself. Organic vegetable omelets, oatmeal with berries or fruit and granola are just some of the delicious healthy choices for breakfast. Wraps, soups, and salads for lunch. Shakes, hummus and veggies, or homemade granola nut bars for a snack. Guests can choose mouth-watering fresh fish or free-range chicken for dinner and heavenly cinnamon apples or coconut haystacks for dessert. All just delish and will make you forget you are actually dieting.

There are all four all-inclusive Biggest Loser Resort locations in four very different settings – the Spa at Eaglewood in Chicago, IL; the Spa at Fitness in Ridge Ivins, UT; the Spa at Fitness Ridge in Malibu, CA; and Spa Alexis in Niagara, NY. Pick the destination that suits you best and will inspire you most! Guests may choose private, semi-private, and double occupancy accommodations priced by the number of selected weeks. Two weeks is an ideal minimum stay. All locations, except for Niagara, also offer the “Town Program” to local residents who do not need the overnights. Costs include meals, daily activities, and educational series. Spa treatments are additional. Amenities at each location vary. Review each location before deciding. Financing is offered American Health Care Lending. For reservations, call 877-550-1786 or visit BiggestLoserResort.com.

Nearby Activities
Well, you are on a mission here; to learn new fitness and nutritional ways for a healthier you. Clearly this is your main focus so any nearby activities and attractions may only be distractions and should not be of top of mind on this getway. My advice is put all your eggs into one basket. Maximize your time and attention to achieving your goal at the resort and learning how to best continue the path of success after you return home.

Getting There
This of course depends of which Biggest Loser Resort location you select. If you are flying to the Spa at Eaglewood in hoping to find time to play on its championship golf course, Chicago has two international airports, O’Hare (ORD), 12.9 miles from the resort, and Midway (MDW), 25 miles. When choosing the Spa at Fitness Ridge Ivins with its glorious location near the Big Red Mountains, your best bet is to fly into St. George Municipal (SGU), only 22 miles away. If the Pacific Ocean is calling your name and you have your heart set on the Spa Fitness Ridge in Malibu, Burbank Bob Hope Airport (BUR) is your closest airport, 34 miles from the resort. You may also chose to fly into Los Angeles (LAX), 46 miles away, or Long Beach (LGB), 55 miles. Book your flight to the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport (BUF) if you are headed to the Spa Alexis nestled in a 300-acre outdoor wonderland complete with it’s own private lake. Car rental, taxi, and shuttle service are available from all above airports once you arrive.

Special Note
The Biggest Loser Resort is award-winning! It received Spa Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Silver Sage Award for “Best Weight Loss Spa,” placed second in Spas of America’s Top 50 Spas, and voted Best for Hiking in the SpaFinder Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Award competition. The resort also won SpaFinder Readers’ Choice Awards in multiple categories, including “Best Fitness Program,” “Best for Weight Loss,” “Best for Hiking,” and “Best for Affordability,” and other awards.

So if buddying up and working with a trainer has always produced the best results for you, then pack up your sneakers, workout clothes, and bathing suit and head to the closest airport for the most alluring Biggest Loser Resort. The time is now to get a kick-start on your weight loss program. If you do, you’ll never look back.

Be Fit. Be Strong. Be Well.