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week104I am often asked how I stay so motivated to go to the gym and remain fit. With me, it’s easy since going to a fitness center and working out is actually a pure passion of mine. In this sense, I realize I am fortunate, and it also chimes in perfectly with the saying, ‘Do what you love and never work.’ Hence, “working out” isn’t work to me; it’s fun. I have always loved it and love seeing the results on my body.

While I am very self-motivated and self-disciplined, I also expose myself to self-created motivational goodies, no matter how big or how small, that pass in front of my very eyes during any given day of the week, if not all. It’s a means of surrounding myself with positive images that reinforce my chosen path to live, eat, sleep, and breath a healthy and fit lifestyle and keep me in the mental state of mind over matter. Not that I need to be encouraged, but with temptations everywhere, it’s just nice to have an added third-party support.

Below are just a few unconventional motivational ways you can incorporate into you everyday life and surround yourself to stay inspired you and remain on track – may it to be lose weight, change your eating habits, or just to maintain – as staying in shape is much mental as it is physical.

Swimsuit Catalogs – Great for when at home!
These are just not for the female shopper or guy gawker! Turn the pages of these booklets and get inspired and motivated by the fit models clad in skimpy bikinis. Leave the catalogs open to the pages of the model(s) that inspire you most. Tear a few out pages and place them strategically on your fridge’s door, bathroom mirror, closet entrance, or other location(s) in your home.

Social Media – Great when on the go!
Are you a social media user? If so, this will be easy for you. Pick your favorite network – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ or other – and follow users who post, tweet, and pin tips and tricks to staying fit … including videos of exercises, diet recipes, links to informative articles, motivational quotes, and photos of inspirational end results.

Trophy Clothing – Great when grabbing a snack!
Dying to get into a pair of favorite old jeans or a certain bikini for an upcoming trip? Is your top feeling snug or no longer fitting? Place that article of clothing upfront and right inside your refrigerator so when you open the fridge door – bingo! – it’s the first thing you see. Just its mere presence will immediate remind you of your goal and remind you to choose your food wisely when in the fridge.

Bathroom Scale – Great to stay on track!
You may prefer not to, but getting on the bathroom scale every day at the same time is another means to staying on track with losing weight or maintaining your goal. Keep in mind it’s natural for your body to fluctuate by a few pounds, but, by getting on the scale, it will assist you to stay in check and help prevent you from gaining any unsuspecting weight.

The Sports Bra – Great reality check!
This is easily accomplished if you live alone or with a partner. Walk around your home a little bit longer, prior to getting fully dressed for the day, in your bra and panties, sports bra and shorts/sweat pants, or another motivating combination that reveals yourself. This forces you to see your body as it is right now and should help motivate you to lose the pounds or continue to maintain your goal weight.

The Wristband – Great reminder!
Some of us eat right-handed, others left. Whichever hand you naturally gravitate to when grabbing a utensil, this is the one you wear either a special wristband or bracelet as another visual reminder you are what you eat and you need to stay true to your fitness goal. Perhaps it’s a present to yourself for reaching your fitness goal. Whatever you choose to wear, keep it on to keep you going.

It’s all mind over matter as the purpose for all of these tactics listed below is to simply surround yourself with positive and encouraging reinforcements and influences as an extra built-in support system and to top off your already existing diet plan and regular workouts. Just sneak in the above visual motivators into your days and soon you, too, will be the one your friends turn to and ask, “How do stay motivated to workout and stay fit?”

Be Fit. Be Strong. Be Well.